13 March 2020

Take Care of Your Trails Campaign waiting for a restart

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in all European countries, IMBA Europe's board decided to postpone the Take Care of Your Trails campaign. In view of the increasingly strict measures taken in various EU Member States, we didn't want to encourage groups to come togethe and organize events. Especially now in many countries travel bans have been imposed and extended, events being cancelled and meetings with small groups are strongly discouraged or forbidden. Even though we're not able to launch the TCoYT campaign this spring, it's not our intention to cancel the 2020 campaign. The moment small gatherings are allowed again in EU member countries, possibly in combination with additional safety / distance protocals, we'd like to restart the campaign as soon as possible. 

The Take Care of Your Trails campaign is not only an initiative to demonstrate how dedicated our mountain bike community is to the restoration, preservation and enhancement of  local trails, it is also a celebration and a bit of competition which should be open to all countries and trail crews across Europe. 

Together with our campaign partners and sponsors, we are motivated to revive TCoYT 2020 the moment all signals are back to green, ready for a symbolic re-opening of the countryside and helping restart local communities with what we do best, maintain and develop good recreational infrastructure.