28 March 2018


The 2nd edition of the Take Care of Your Trails Weekend is in full preparation. More than 70 groups across Europe already signed up and will host a trail repair, cleanup or trail building event. The campaign takes off in the weekend of 7&8 April.  For groups based Alpine areas who might still have to deal with snow early April, the weekend of 5-6 May is planned as alternative. Group registration is still possible at the IMBA Europe website. Volunteers that want to join one of the events can register online (http://bit.ly/TCoYTWvolunteer) or just sign up at the work spot. 

Participating Groups  

In 2017, Slovenia won the friendly competition to see which country could get the most local groups and amount of volunteers to work on paths and trails. This year, the winning country and therefore ‘Best MTB community in Europe 2018’,  will be presented at round 3 of the Enduro World Series in Olargues, Montagnes du Caroux, France on 12/13 May. Thanks to the support of Chris Ball, managing director of Enduro World Series, the outreach of the TCoYTW campaign will grow. As a result, we hope to see more engagement of the mountain bike community towards volunteer trail work and becoming great ambassadors for our sport. 

If you’re one of the volunteers helping out at one of the TCoYTW sessions, be sure you leave you’re email address to join our raffle for dedicated volunteers and make a chance to win prizes provided by our sponsors or IMBA clothing. 

For all groups participating in this year’s TCoYTW, Primal Europe offers preferred pricing on custom clothing and Velosolutions / Schneestern GmBH a discount on the multi-functional Shaper Tool. Another good reason to join the campaign. 

Besides online promotion, groups can use the template of our TCoYTW  posters. Simple print it out, add your event information on it and spread the word! Ask your local bike shop owner to put it up in his shop or see if there’s a trail head information sign where you’re allowed to do the same.