17 June 2013

Yakima Europe becomes official partner of IMBA Europe

Cargo management equipment manufacturer Yakima joins a select group of early IMBA Europe supporters as an official partner. Yakima will contribute to IMBA’s Development Fund, serve as the exclusive bike rack supplier and sponsor European trail building schools. Yakima and IMBA have been partners for a long time in the US, supporting their advocacy and trail building for many years. Now that IMBA Europe has been founded, Yakima is very pleased to enter into a partnership to help support more outdoor fun and great trail experiences on bicycles. “There is much work to be done to help build more sustainable trail systems and promote mountain biking with friends and family across Europe.  We look forward to a long and productive partnership” says European Brand Director Eric Roesinger. 

IMBA Europe is very happy to welcome Yakima as their new official partner. "It is great to see that Yakima is aware of the importance of mountain bike advocacy, sustainable trail building and volunteer stewardship and is willing to invest in a long term relationship. There's a lot work ahead of us but in the end we all strive for the same goal. Create and enhance trail experiences for all those people who just love to ride their bike and want to share those great moments with each other'' says IMBA Europe Director Mark Torsius.