18 October 2017

Your opinion counts! Join the 2nd European MTB survey

This is the 2nd biannual European MTB survey by IMBA Europe and it's member organisations. The message is simple. Help us help you. To better understand your needs, your motivation, your attitudes towards trail access, trail development and volunteering, we ask you to fill out this survey.

As mountain bikers, we like to roam, discover new trails, experience nature. We value our freedom. For that same reason we're not that well organised. There's a small group of people in Europe lobbying for trail access, working with land managers, influence policies in favour of mountain biking.

For those people, the mountain bike advocates, it's really important to know what you want, who you are, what's driving you and how we should represent your interests the moment we talk to land managers, local communities, nature protection agencies and the tourism industry.

You can fill out the survey anonymously. The outcomes will be used for advocacy reasons. Gathered facts and figures help us to draw well-founded arguments why its important to facilitate and invest in mountain biking. The outcomes of our first European mountain bike survey in 2015 really proved their value and have been presented at several conferences or used in project proposal.

So please help us and donate some of your time for mountain bike advocacy. Default language is English but you can select other languages at the bottom of the entry page. And good thing is that youve got the chance of winning some cool prizes. Check this out!

  • Showers Pass Mans and Womens IMBA jacket
  • IMBA Trail Love beanies
  • IMBA Trail Love t-shirts
  • Bike Parks IMBAs Guide to New School Trails
  • Alps Mountain Biking: From Aosta to Zermatt, the best singletrack, endure & downhill trails in the Alps
  • 20% discount for all survey respondents on outdoor adventure books by Vertebrate Publishing, including several mountain biking guiding books

Start your survey now or wait for a rainy day, but please help us. Your opinion counts.

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