Corporate Membership Programs IMBA

Joining IMBA Europe is easy and an investment in the future of mountain biking in Europe. There are different ways to connect to our European advocacy and trail building network

Individuals are invited to make a donation to support advocacy and trail projects and/or to join their local or national mountain bike association.  

Top reasons to join IMBA Europe

  • IMBA Europe and its members help safeguard trail access for mountain bikers, create better trails and more places to ride, while collaborating to preserve the environment for all trail users 
  • More quality trails get more people riding and more people investing in bikes and outdoor equipment 
  • Model trail systems and bike parks mean better mountain biking experiences and more mountain bike travelers 
  • IMBA Europe’s lobbying and advocacy efforts are directed to promote mountain bike friendly legislation and funding opportunities for trail development
  • Our summits and educational events provide networking and educational opportunities 
  • Supporting IMBA Europe is affordable. Corporate Membership dues start at €250,- a year. Dues are scaled to a company's annual sales. When everyone gives a little, much more can be accomplished. It's not about competition between bicycling or bicycling related brands, it's about that bigger goal to increase mountain bike participation.