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Trails are the backbone of mountain bike communities and businesses. Legitimate access to sustainable trails close to where people live are preconditions to practice and promote mountain biking and to fully develop its social, economic and health value. With exception of Scotland and some Scandinavian countries, trail access for mountain bikers is often not as obvious as it seems and in many cases, it’s not a legal right but a privilege only obtained by tireless advocacy work. To create and catalyze more trails close to homes and to preserve and enhance responsible trail access, we have to keep working with governments, municipalities, land management and nature protection agencies to ensure mountain bikers are considered on a level playing field against other outdoor activities or land use practices. So why support advocacy as a business?

IMBA’s philosophy is simple. Advocacy and trail development initiatives serve mountain biking in general with positive impact on the mid and long term as it comes to increased participation, sales and individual health. We’re in this together and therefore we do not only appeal to our member network of national mountain bike association but also ask support of the bike industry and related service providers. Building a large, strong and engaged mountain bike community is considered as a shared responsibility.


Suggested annual contribution is based on the company’s MTB related turnover in European markets and the relative benefit a company gains from growth in mountain biking across Europe. IMBA Europe does not audit company turnover or declare the amount paid by any business except by agreement with the company involved. Memberships will not be renewed automatically. Larger payments can be staged in parts.


  • EU representation and campaigning for (e) MTB-friendly policies
  • Company listing & link on IMBA Europe’s website
  • Permission to use IMBA Europe logos and graphics in company marketing materials
  • Participation options to IMBA events and programs
  • Free copy of IMBA EU publications (e.g. biannual EU MTB survey)
  • Exposure opportunities through product donations featured in IMBA campaigns


To be as transparent as possible, IMBA Europe will organise an annual advocacy-industry meeting to review and revise actions with its corporate supporters. As basic principle, a minimum of 50% of corporate supporter fees will be spend on advocacy work and / or co-funding for EU projects. This kind of work is in the interest of the entire sector and mid / long term results are a shared incentive. Based on the feedback of existing corporate supporters, IMBA will provide additional opportunities for brand activation. A part of your annual contribution can be used to support specific IMBA events, campaigns and programs to show your customers your brand cares about mountain biking. Activation opportunities start at the Singletrack Society level and above.


  1. Select your engagement level
  2. If desired, determine a specific* IMBA event, project or campaign your company would like to support
  3. Contact IMBA to elaborate and implement actions
  4. Share your commitment with your customers
  5. Activate your customers to give back to trails

For more information, contact IMBA Europe at