IMBA Europe Summit 2019

Silkeborg (DK) - 9-11 May

The IMBA Europe Summit is one of those few moments where European mountain bike advocacy and trail building groups, the bicycle industry, land management agencies, public authorities, guiding companies and other stakeholders meet to share good practices, network, get new insights and build relationships for future MTB projects or programs. The 3 day program is mixture of keynote speakers, project meetings, breakout sessions, social events and of course, riding activities.  

Silkeborg, Outdoor Capital of Denmark

Silkeborg is a small town located in the middle of the Danish lake highlands surrounded by lakes, steep hills and the largest forests in Denmark. The amazing nature around Silkeborg means that outdoor activities have always been a big part of the residents lives as well as highly prioritized politically by the municipality. A year ago the Municipality of Silkeborg wanted to accelerate the development of outdoor activities and businesses in the area. Therefore the municipality – in cooperation with the local tourist organization – launched the outdoor project "Silkeborg Unlimited - Outdoor Capital of Denmark". With the project Silkeborg was self-appointed outdoor capital of Denmark. As part of this project new facilities have been built and even more planed, approved and funded by the municipality.

The municipality of Silkeborg has worked the last 4-5 years to establish a solid organization and financing of the local mountainbike facilities and trails as well as building trails and facilities. The backbone of both the process and the final organization and financing is co-creation involving municipality, The Danish Nature Agency, trailbuilders, Society of Nature Conservation, mountainbike clubs, landowners, national sports organizations, tourism organization, local business etc. Co-creation in Silkeborg means involving all relevant stakeholders in planning, building and maintaining trails and facilities. Not only involvement now and then when it suits the public administration or landowners but an everyday permanent and broad involvement. 

Getting there & away 

By plane - closest airports to Silkeborg are:

  • Billund Airport 
  • Aarhus Airport (limited international connections)
  • Copenhagen International Airport

By car

  • one hour drive from either Aarhus or Billund Airport
  • three hour drive from Copenhagen Airport
  • Silkeborg is located on highway 15 and 52 

By train

  • There are train connections to Silkeborg from Aarhus. And from Aarhus to Germany.
  • From Copenhagen Airport, trains leave every 30 minutes. To get to Silkeborg, you need to switch once at Skanderberg. The journey will take between 3h45 minutes – 4 hours.  


There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Silkeborg in different price classes. From camping’s, hotels and hostels to holiday houses, cabins and B&B’s.
The main venue is the Vejlsøhus Hotel and Conference centre and is a mountain bike friendly hotel. Find more information about accommodation at the Silkeborg website