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What is the European MTB Instructor-guide project?

The project is to Create a European Professional Standard for MTB instructor-guides (CAPS-MTB) in Europe.  The project is aimed both at:

  • countries/organisations who already have instructor-guide training programs 
  • countries/organisations who do not yet have a training program, but would like to develop one quickly and to the highest standards.

The first main project has been the creation of a standard qualification level for MTB instructor-guides across Europe, with the EO-MTBing European licence. EO-MTBing stands for European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructur-Guides. EO-MTBing is a membership organisation that has been established during the CAPS-MTB project. EO-MTBing will be responsible for delivering the scheme once the project period ended. The CAPS-MTB project is being jointly funded by the initial partner organisations and the Erasmus+ scheme from the European Commission.

What does the project do?

Create a minimum European training and evaluation standard for MTB instructor-guides. The standard agreed involves 360 hours of taught learning and 200 hours of professional experience. Each member organisation will continue to provide their own training schemes which, at the top level, meet the EO-MTBInG standard. Successful students will then be able to access a final European practical exam. The central final practical exam will be organised once a year (usually in autumn) at varying locations in Europe. Individual nations will also organise their own final exams, open to international students and overseen by an international evaluator. The Eurepean exams are spread over 3 days and include: 

  • Guiding exam (full daytour with clients)
  • Skills instruction exam
  • Technical riding exam (low speed bike handling and higher speed technical descending)
  • Trail side repair, navigation and emergency management skills exam

Briefing and debriefing between candidate and (EU) assessor is part of the exam protocol 

What won’t the project do?

The project will not replace existing national training schemes. It’s purpose is to ensure that all these schemes meet the same standards of training and evaluation, regardless of which country a student has trained in.The CAPS-MTB project will be delivered by existing national training organisations. EO-MTBing's role is not to  provide the training directly (with the exception of train-the-trianer courses) but to work with member organisations to ensure that their own schemes all reach a common European standard. Students who successfully qualify to their highest national level will then be able to proceed to a final EO-MTBing examination, held across Europe, to obtain their EO-MTBing European licence.

How will Quality Assurance be implemented?

All the way through the scheme. Beginning with the initial process of either adapting an existing training scheme to meet the training standard or helping a country to create their own scheme according to the standard. The whole process is created and overseen by an expert panel who represent the greatest source of knowledge and experience on the profession currently working together in the world. 

A program of regular exchanges and co-delivery of training courses/evaluations between member organisations ensures not only quality assurance but also the sharing of good working practice throughout Europe. Finally, a shared European practical exam is the final stage in ensuring even quality assurance between all the member organisations, resulting in a European licence which will re-define the profession in the years to come.

Joining EO-MTBing, please go directly to 

The deliverables of the CAPS-MTB project can be found here:

Preparation of the project

Implementation of the project

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