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Why is it important to invest in mountain biking? Why shouldn’t land managers be afraid to grant access to mountain bikers? Various studies show that mountain biking leads to improved health and that trail stewardship contributes to our civil society. Economic benefits consists of bikes sales and tourism expenditures. Environmental impacts of mountain biking are low, as long as we build sustainable trails. To keep or to get support of policy makers, lland owners land management agencies, nature conservation groups and other stakeholders, we need to gather as much facts & figures and best practices on mountain bikie to strengthen our case.

In this section, you will find best practices and (scientific) reports related to mountain biking. Several subjects are covered, ranging from enviromental impacts to the economic value and of health benefits of mountain biking. Both national as international studies are available. 

European Mountain Bike Survey 2015

Infographic IMBA Europe MTB Survey 2015 

Best practices presented at IMBA Europe's 2015 Summit

Mountain bike development in Northumberland NP by Alex Maclennan (UK), Recreation and Public Affairs Manager Forestry Commision UK

The future development of e-mountain bikes in Europe by Jonathan Sweet (D), Bosch eBike Systems

Creating jobs and professional bike services through a national mountain bike instructor program by Julien Rebuffet (FR), director of Moniteur Cycliste Francais and Sam Morris (UK), Bikevillage

Trail science, the first results of a study on the impact of mountain biking on the vegetation along a trail by Primož Gams, student of Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Ljubljana

Building public and private partnerships in the MTB tourism sector by Claude Balsiger (CH), director Allegra Tourismus

Planning and delivery of suburban trail systems by Tomas Kvasnicka (CZ), founder Singltrek s.r.o

Les Brigades Vertes 2.0 by Franck Machabert (F), Mountain Bikers Foundation

How to build a women mountain bike community? by Annie Soderberg (SE), founder of

Mountain bike programs on primary schools by Beppe Salerno (IT), Happy Trail


Current reports: