SRAM offers 10 free tickets for women to attend IMBA Europe Summit 2024

25 April 2024

SRAM offers 10 free tickets for women to attend IMBA Europe Summit 2024

SRAM, IMBA Europe’s long-standing supporter and sponsor, will grant 10 tickets for women for the 2024 IMBA Europe Summit in Mödling, Vienna Woods, Austria.

For the 2024 edition of the IMBA Europe Summit, reflecting on the desire to represent the voices of women in mountain biking better, and to stay true to one of IMBA’s most important missions, getting more people on bikes, we set the ambitious target to double the female participation in this year’s summit compared to previous editions.

As part of our goal of encouraging more women to be involved in mountain biking, we have the ambition to kickstart a new European Women in MTB network at this year’s conference. At this year’s summit, about 35% of speakers and presenters will be women, more than ever before, and during the event, we will facilitate networking & riding opportunities for women. We’re aiming to do even better in 2025. 

This goal would be impossible to achieve without the continuous support of our amazing partners like SRAM. Diversity, equity, and inclusion have always been part of SRAM’s pursuit of creating a better cycling world and they were ready to act when they were informed of IMBA Europe’s goals for 2024, recognizing the challenges that on-the-fence participants might face.

To help women attend this year’s IMBA Europe Summit (May 22nd/23rd), SRAM will be sponsoring 10 free entry tickets for them. SRAM hopes that this offer will enable women, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so to participate in the summit and will grab this chance to form the conversation around the future of mountain biking.

Who should take on SRAM’s offer?

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, or you represent a mountain biking interest group, news outlet, or biking association, do not hesitate and apply for one of the 10 available tickets. It is important to note that the grant only covers the entry ticket, and participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation. Find more information about the IMBA Europe Summit here.

To apply for the tickets, please fill out this form.


*** Deadline for applications is May 9th