Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

27 September 2022

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Youth, sport and nature connectedness.


Participation in sport and connectedness to nature are important in supporting youth towards better physical and mental health. Engaging in outdoor sports such as mountain biking gives youth the opportunity to engage with, and connect with the natural environment, helping to build lifelong stewards of the trails. The annual ‘Take a kid mountain biking day, held on the first Saturday of October,’ has been a great way to introduce mountain biking to another generation. Many of the kids participating have gone on to become passionate mountain bikers and stewards of the trails. We would like to highlight all the positive aspects of mountain biking through the Week of Sport, to show policy makers and stakeholders why better access is important for our sport. 


“Sports supports youth in their journey towards better physical and mental health, self-confidence, and resilience”. 


Take a kid mountain biking 2022



The ‘Take a kid mountain biking’ campaign officially falls on the first Saturday of October. As you might have seen, we encouraged our members and the IMBA Europe community to join the ‘European Week of Sport’ as an initiative to get more kids out on the trails. IMBA Europe will once again be supporting TKMBD, but instead of just one day, we encourage you to organise an event throughout the course of OCTOBER. This allows for a whole week of opportunities for our members, partners and supporters to better engage with the youth – the future generations of mountain biking. Tell your stories through our social media channels using the hashtag #TKMBD.


If you’d like to host an event, send as an email or Facebook message to get #TKMBD number plates! (numbers are limited; first in, first served!)


Tips on planning your ‘Take a kid mountain biking day’.


In light of the theme of the three pillars of the European Week of Sport, we have put together a few activity ideas that you and your kids can enjoy. Creating positive ride vibes means forming better relationships with the natural environment, other trail users and ourselves. IMBA has put together a short document on how to best organise your Take a kid mountain biking day, with some simple practical advice. You can find the document here.


Activity ideas:



Want to include something different in your TKMBD? Highlighted below are some of our favourite resources collected from our friends at Trash Free Trails and IMBA US. In 2023, IMBA Europe will be sharing its own resources which are being developed as part of the SEE Project (Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports). Our aim is to provide resources for our members, guides, trainers, trail builders, clubs and mountain biking associations with reference to environmental education in the outdoors.

Here are a few of our favourite activities to include in your ‘Take a kid mountain biking day’.

  • Trash Mob academy 40 minute class –  the Trash Mob Academy we use litter and cycling as a catalyst for nature connection and improved self esteem. 
  • Purposeful adventures – Take your kids out on a purposeful adventure and learn how to leave a positive trace.
  • Plant identification activity with PLantNet Plant identification → Get your kids to engage with and learn about the natural spaces they recreate in. 
  • Follow the IMBA Ride vibe guideline – promote inclusivity, safety, respect and enjoyment on the trails!
  • Trail maintenance day – As the trail building season begins to wind down, and summer has concluded, why not organise a kids trail maintenance event? Involve mum, dad , the neighbours and your furry friends!
  • Get involved with one of the many ‘Kidical Mass activities’ around Europe. Trails not available close to home? Why not get involved with one of the Kidical mass rides September 24th/25th and highlight why better mountain biking infrastructure is important in achieving the three creative pillars of the European Week of Sport.