Take Care of Your Trails 2021 Cheers to all the volunteers who made a difference

23 December 2021

Take Care of Your Trails 2021 Cheers to all the volunteers who made a difference

The year has come and passed, and as we approach the last weeks and days, it is time to reflect on the positive outcomes of this year’s campaign. During the month of May, IMBA EU encouraged its members and partners to engage as many people as possible across Europe to sign up and participate in a local trail maintenance campaign.

The goal of the TCoYT campaign is to promote trail stewardship, community engagement, conservation and preservation of our trail networks. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of volunteers who give countless hours to the trails.  The campaign highlights the need to educate trail building crews on the importance of sustainable trail development and maintenance in order to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Considering most countries were still in some form of ‘lock down’ during this period, we were extremely impressed by the level of engagement from all the groups that participated. In total, 92 activities took place in 15 EU countries. More than 1000 volunteers contributed approx. 6700 hours of volunteer work.

A huge THANK YOU to all trail crews, local heroes, partners and sponsors that contributed to the 2021 campaign!

A part of the campaign is to reward and recognize the individuals and crews who go above and beyond in their efforts to maintain and preserve their trail networks. We were extremely pleased to partner with Specialized Bicycles again this year as one of the leading sponsors for the prizes and SRAM for their continuing MTB advocacy support. We are also very grateful to EVOC and Trail Boss USA for providing all the tools and equipment our crews need to continue on with their incredible work.

“Trail builders and advocates are the soul of our sport. Take Care of Your Trails is not just a campaign, but a celebration of the mountain biking community and the magic that happens when this passionate community pulls together. IMBA Europe took it from advocacy to action through TCoYT and we’re stoked to bring some drinks and snacks to the party!” said Fanie Kok, head of Specialized’ Soil Searching program.