01 May 2018


Make a donation of €10,- or more before the 12th of May and you’re entered to win a Specialized Enduro S-works frame (M/L) or a SRAM GX Eagle group set! With your donation you give back to what you love. Trails!

The goal of the Trail Heroes fundraising campaing is to support local trail projects of groups that participated in the Take Care of Your Trails Weekend 2018 and strengthen trail advocacy across Europe.


Why this campaign?

The first pan-European edition of Take Care of Your Trails Weekend took place in 2017 and showed what a positive impact trail associations and voluntary trail crews can have for their community and local riding scene. The campaign also helped to improve or start new partnerships between mountain bikers and land managers and recruited new volunteers.

For that reason, IMBA Europe decided to turn the Take Care of Your Trails Weekend an annual recurring campaign and, with the support of Specialized and SRAM, added this new fundraising campaign to support a number of local trail projects.

As IMBA Europe we believe there’s still a lot to win for mountain biking in Europe. That’s why we’re looking for ways to encourage more mountain bikers to take care of their trails or become passionate trail advocates. All these volunteers that go out to maintain their trails, that represent the interest of mountain biking at the local, regional or national level, they are our true Trail Heroes. And we need more of them. IMBA EU’s last survey showed that more than 81% of the European respondents think it’s important that mountain bikers volunteer to maintain their local trails. Which is positive but at the same time, 52% of that same group answered they never did volunteer work themselves. So there’s still some work ahead of us.

EWS round 3 – Olargues France

The winners of the Specialized Enduro S-works frame and SRAM GX Eagle group set will be announced at the 3rd round of the EWS series in Olargues, France, 12-13th of May. The lucky winner of the frame will also get a jersey signed by Specialized riders Curtis Keene & Jared Graves! 

And at the same time…..the winning country of this years TCoYTW campaign will be announced. Which country will earn the title of ‘Best Mountain Biking Community of Europe 2018’ and takes over the crown of Slovenia?

Keep following us and don’t forget to make that donation & spread the word! And in case you don’t win one of the prizes, you’ll still feel good knowing you’re donation will help to support more trails and better advocacy. Sounds like a win, doesn’t it?